Good to know!

What can I do for you?

„Every photo session is unique! Because every artist is too!“

I always put this at the heart of every session. My artist portraits are designed completely individually for you. In addition, it is my priority to build the right stage for you during the shoot as well.

The interplay of light and shadow always puts you in the centre and shows what you love to do!

What do you take with you?

„Moments that show what you’re on fire for!“

Portraits are not just to show what the person looks like. Above all, they should show heart, joy and the passion you live every day!

Each of these moments is highlighted with high-end retouching and further emphasises what is special about you and your passion!

How do you prepare?

„Come as you are! That’s the key!“

There is not THE magic formula on how to prepare for a photo session as an artist. The most important thing is that you have a good time at the session.

Of course, a good pre-selection of outfits is essential. The outfit should in no way make you as an artist a supporting role. Therefore, a simple and less conspicuous wardrobe is always an advantage at the photo session.

Where do we shoot?

„The best place to show YOU!“

I work mainly in the studio and always create new lighting moods for you as an artist. This creates individuality and puts your personality in the right light!

Of course, outdoor shoots are also possible if there are places and locations that are particularly close to your heart!

What else is there to know?

„Hard facts to know!“

Short-term session from one day to the next are not possible, as I attach a lot of importance to good preparation and it is also difficult to realise organisationally!

The investment for each shooting is very individual, as I work on a time and material basis and only pay for what is taken! Enquiries can be made at:

Make-up artists can of course be booked if you wish!

Working together!

I love moments when artist and photographer develop and implement ideas together during a session. Not only does this create great results, but it also gives the pictures a very special personal touch!