Honors Publications

Awards are always nice when you get them. Especially when they are unexpected. 

But resting on them is just a sign of our times and tempts us to stand still.

I draw a lot of motivation from it for the coming year and the ideas I have and would like to implement. 

But I feel very honored to have received an award, and it makes it all the more valuable to see how many other great photographers around the world this image competes with.

A big thanks goes to NDawards!

Publishing pictures in magazines naturally makes the photographer’s heart beat faster. 

And when it’s also an internationally respected artist’s magazine, it makes you even happier.

Ieva Pranskute was with me at the beginning of 2021, where this beautiful portrait of her was taken. Of course, many other pictures were taken during the shoot. But this one was chosen by Artenzza magazine as the cover image. Ieva gave an interview there about her musical career and her view on music.

It always fills me with great joy when I am allowed to accompany artists on a very short path with pictures!