My Motivation

A good question!

A question I was asked recently was: Why do you work with artists in particular? 

I think a very good question!

So, Corona has shown me the need of support the world of artists. In particular the artists who „work“ in front of an audience. Especially musicians, singers and actors were strong affected by the regulations. 

My support was to take photos of exactly this group of artists. It was only a little group of artists during 2020 but it was a great experience and a great pleasure to meet these people and to listen their personal stories. 

A new door was opened for me as a photographer. Going through it was the right decision. I have met so many kind and open minded people with a wonderful energy. That has motivated me to dive deeper into the world of artists. 

A few of them, I have regular contact in the meantime, are still fascinating me every day with what they do.

Especially Vienna is a center for musicians, singers, actors, ect. So many creative people in one place is rare. And when they come from all over the world, it opens up a whole new world for me as a photographer. 

These diversity makes this so interesting for me and that’s the reason why I would be a small part of this wonderful and creative world!