My Motivation

A good question!

Recently, I was asked why I am currently working with artists. I think it’s a very legitimate question.

The coronavirus pandemic has shown me how important it is to support the world of artists, especially those who perform their work in front of live audiences. Musicians, singers, and actors have been particularly affected by the restrictions.

As a photographer, I wanted to support and began taking photos of this group of artists. In 2020, it was only a small group, but it was a wonderful experience to meet these people and hear their stories.

This experience showed me that a new door had opened for me as a photographer. I have met so many kind and open-minded people who have inspired me with their energy and creativity. This has motivated me to dive even deeper into the world of artists.

In Vienna, where I live, there are many musicians, singers, actors, and other creative people. It’s rare to find so many talented people in one place, and I find it fascinating to work with them and document their work. Some of them have impressed me so much that I regularly keep in touch with them and continue to be inspired by their work.