New Idea, new message!

Time, hard work, energy, passion and a lot of heart. Artists put all this and more into their work every day in order to inspire others with their art.
Only a fraction of this effort is visible and often remains hidden from the viewer.
During my shootings in 2021 some artists told me about their hours of rehearsals and that gave me a great idea.

It is not about portraits in the real sense, but about documenting. A story about of what often happens for hours in many rehearsal rooms.

I am looking for voluntary musicians, singers and actors who would like to participate in this idea. Groups, orchestras (duos, quartets, etc.) are also welcome!

A very important info before you write me:
Please be sure that you would like to have somebody with you at the rehearsals, who will take pictures during the rehearsals. 
All participants in the room should agree to this and also allow a certain closeness!
For organizational reasons the places are limited to 5 participants or groups at the moment.

If you are seriously interested, please send a mail to:

There will be more information about what I have in mind for this project.

Looking forward to an exciting collaboration!