About Me

My name is Oliver and I'm a people photographer.

My name is Oliver and I’m a people photographer.

Photography was a constant companion in my life from an early age. The play of light and shadow piqued my interest.

I still belong to the generation of people who gave their films to a specialist store to be developed and waited for the results with great anticipation. By the way: my father still takes pictures like that!

About 8 years ago I dared my first steps into people photography and tried many different directions there.

For many years it became clear to me that the beauty in a portrait is the simplicity. This comes to the fore especially when you photograph people what their heart beats for.

In the last year (2020) I have supported various artists with photo shoots and thus given them the opportunity to prepare their future performances with professional pictures.

During these months I have learned a lot about these people.

At the end of 2020, I decided to continue working with artists, focusing on musicians, singers and actors.

Making artists appear in a special light is therefore my great passion!